Our Mission

Our Mission

Developing Scouting. Supporting Growth
Our Vision

Our Vision

Youth led, with increasingly diverse and growing memberships
Our Values

Our Values

Transparency, Collaboration, Networking, Flexibility, Responsiveness and Creativity

 This Regional Scout Plan (RSP) 2013-2016 has been prepared on the basis of:

  • the inputs received during and after the 5th European Scout Symposium in Dublin, Ireland;
  • the decisions made at the 21st European Scout Conference in Berlin, Germany;
  • the inputs received between September and December 2013 from the European Regional Office members and the Coordinators of the Project and Core Groups.

Following the requests to have a longer horizon, the vision statement that has been developed presents a view towards 2019.

Strategic Objectives

The two themes of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth Empowerment are the Strategic Objectives for the RSP.
The two Strategic Objective are underpinned by our three core service areas; Educational Methods, Organisational Development and External Relations and Funding, which ensure the continuity and permanence of the support to National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and National Scout Associations (NSAs) over successive triennia.

Other transversal elements

Collaboration with our close partners, including the Europe Region WAGGGS, Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) and others as well as all five other Regions of WOSM is seen as being important in enriching our work. These partnerships need to go beyond institutional relations so that they deliver meaningful support to NSOs and NSAs across Europe.
In parallel to the implementation of this Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016, the Region will be looking into the longer-term future of Scouting in the light of scenarios about the development of society and young people in Europe. This forward-looking exercise will provide an input for future Regional Plans.

There will be a continued emphasis on growth in all that we do so that by 30 September 2016 we will, through the actions of the Committee and its Strategic

Objectives and Core Groups:

  • Provided support to NSOs and NSAs for actively working towards quantitative membership growth in the Region.
  • Strengthened the organisational capacity in NSOs and NSAs in order to grow and reach more young people in Europe.
  • Seen an increase of total membership number in the Region over the coming triennium seen as a whole.

Download in English (French version will be published soon) or read online below

Regional Scout Plan 2013-2016