The European Region, in partnership with the European Youth Foundation, just launched the campaign “Scouting without barriers”.

The project focuses on the promotion of Scouting as a safe environment for the personal development of young people all over Europe while encouraging young people to play a constructive role in

the society and promoting tolerance and diversity.

The European Region enhanced its focus on Diversity and Inclusion already in 2010 when it was identified as a strategic priority; this was also reflected in the previous Regional Scout Plan (2013-2016).

The result has been a clear work on the different subtopics of Diversity and Inclusion and a Workplan funded by the European Youth Foundation for the wear 2015/2016 on the same issues.

Today we launch the Campaign “Scouting without barriers” targeting people inside and outside Scouting to promote the importance of diversity, acceptance and inclusion and to support the work NSO/NSAs are doing in this direction in the field.

Do you want to know more about the project?

Do you want to be involved in the Campaign?

Don’t hesitate to write to Camilla Palazzini ( from the Europe Support Centre.

If you want to support the campaign you can start by changing your Facebook cover and using the hashtag #scoutingwithoutbarriers

Let’s create a better world all together!



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