DSC_4329[2]Sunny sky, amazing alpine surroundings, a local music festival (Beiza Festival) and most importantly very committed Scouts: An ideal setting for another GSAT assessment. And a proof that GSAT works not only for big NSOs in Europe but also for one of the smallest Scout Organisations in Europe.

The „Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder Liechtensteins PPL“ have around 800 members and 13% market share among youth activities. So a quite small organization but a highly recognised one with a lot of attention in the public.

„GSAT gives us an external perspective and helps us to raise awareness for our strengths and weaknesses“, says Nicole Bauer-Greber, the president of PP. „We are ready to improve wherever we can and the Region supports us with this endeavour.“ 

The assessment covers 10 different dimensions of the management of a National Scout Organisation, and within that 91 different criteria that are scored from 0 to 3. At the end of the assessment, the NSO receives a report with all the results and some recommendations for improvements.

With Liechtenstein and Macedonia (FYR of), there are already 21 NSOs and NSAs in Europe that went through the GSAT assessment. And the GSAT team is ready to join you as well for this great experience that makes your organisation stronger and fit for the challenges of the future.

written by: Matthias Gerth


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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