ZHP 1“The audit is a good tool to benchmark with international best practices. The most important is to get a helicopter perspective on the Association and we are also now aware of areas where we can improve to fulfil our mission an vision” says Karol Gzyl, International Commissioner of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.

During two days, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) has been involved in an assessment of the Association, based on the Global Support Assessment Tool standard that assesses the compliance of the organisation with the international best practices in good governance and quality Scouting. 

“The result of the audit will also help us in the contacts with external partners, since we can prove that we have carried out the assessment and have identified areas of improvement of the the Association” says Karol.

The process of the assessment serve the purpose of becoming a more effective and sustainable organisation. Discussions specifically focused on risk management of the organisation and establishment of a document control system and continuously improvement.

“Now our next step will be to start an internal discussion on the findings from the audit, but we will mainly work on risk management of the organisation, establishment of a document control system and a system to assess satisfaction within the Association”, says Agnieszka Pospiszyl, a member of the ZHP’s International Department

written by: Linda Wallberg


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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