GSAT HungaryA room full of reflection thoughts, in the headquarters in the centre of Budapest. And still enough room for improvement. The Hungarian Scout Association (Magyar Cserkészszövetség) experienced the GSAT assessment (Global Support Assessment Tool) during their preparation and assessment weekend intensively. The enthusiastic recently elected presidency of the association took their task serious and made an inventory of elements to adapt and adjust in the next coming years, based on the GSAT benchmark.

“I think the assessment helped a lot to identify the processes in our organisation that need improvement. And looking forward to work on this area with the help our membership“. – János Péter Ronkay, Chief Commissioner

Building on their existing quality methods and educational material, further development of the organisations Adults in Scouting policy and strategic planning process will feed the circle of continuous improvement. Some new insights in governance and risk management were acquired. Some other specific needs were spotted from which the development can be supported by the European Scout Region.

“We’ve realized that the methods and systems that we offer in our trainings and practice at our projects should also be in place at our national organization level”. – Judit Pótó, National President

In this inspiring atmosphere of cooperation and mutual understanding between members of the associations presidency and staff, the resulting action plan will have a positive impact on the well-being of the Hungarian Scout organisation.

written by Pieter Willems


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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