bild[2] copy“The whole audit is like a mirror of the organisation and it has been very good to receive feedback on our organisation and activities” says Juraj Lizak, CEO of Scouts in Slovakia.

During two days the Scouts in Slovakia has been engaged in discussions that serve the purpose of becoming a more effective and sustainable organisation. The basis for the discussions have been the Global Support Assessment Tool standard that assesses the compliance of the organisation with the international best practices in good governance and quality Scouting.

“We are working on mainstreaming the concept of Child protection in all our leadership trainings, but an insight from the audit is to concretise this work in terms of a child protection policy as well ” says Juraj.

The process during the two days opened up for discussions about specific wordings as well as general practices regarding governance, adults in scouting, integrity management and continuously improvement.bild copy

 “I am looking forward to read the final audit report and thereafter employees and board members will gather and look upon the suggestions and we will consider on how to change and improve the organisation”.


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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Jordan Bajraktarov

Jordan is a Director of Organisational Development at the World Scout Bureau - Europe Support Centre, Geneva

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