2016-03-19 18.20.50The headquarter of Eclaireuses Eclaireurs de France, the laïc association of French scouting welcomed a delegation of WOSM Global Support team this week-end. During 2 days they went through the 91 criteria of the global support assessment tool in company of 17 volunteers, staff from all level and all regions of the association. 

This assessment meeting hold in parallel with a session of the national council which have allow us to explain the approach and to provide first results to a broader audience in full transparency. 

EEDF have expressed their interest in benefiting from the GSAT as they’re building their strategic framework in the view of having an external point of view on main areas for improvement and to identify how it might be possible to receive support from WOSM in the implementation of this strategic plan. 2016-03-19 11.33.09

Main finds out for us are that the dimension that we thought we were bad at are actually quite OK since we work on them for years. However, at the same time some lacks or opportunities for improvements have been revealed through this assessment. 

We’ll now use it in the building of our next pluriannual plan and continue to work with the region in the view of growing our membership and delivering still better the values we defend.

written by: Nizar Yaiche, International Commissioner of EEdF

Through the Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT), the European Scout Region is supporting National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and Associations (NSAs) in developing sustainable management structures.


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