(Leusden, Scouting Nederland) – The best results in publicity for Scouting are achieved when Scouts tell their friends and peers what Scouting is about. We all know this and statistics seem to proof it.

Come and join me in Scouting!

Come and join me in Scouting!

Scouting Nederland, the National Scout Organisation of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) in the Netherlands, has now developed three specific “speech boxes” for members of its younger sections. The boxes (one for Cub Scouts aged 7-11, one for Scouts aged 11-15, and one for Sea Scouts) contain a series of factsheets, posters and other information, which may be quite useful to have at hand when preparing a public speech in the school. The box also contains gadgets and give-aways to present to friends and classmates, which can be personalised by adding the contact details of the local Scout Group!

Some of the content of the "Speech Box" put together by Scouting Nederland

Some of the content of the “Speech Box” put together by Scouting Nederland

Here is a list of items you will find in Scouting Nederland’s “Speech Box”:

  • A poster with photos showing Scouts in typical activities. You can use it to decorate the classroom during your presentation, and then maybe even leave it on the wall permanently;
  • Tips on how best to structure your speech or essay about Scouting;
  • A link to a powerpoint presentation online which you can personalize with pictures and extra information;
  • Posters and leaflets to distribute after your presentation (don’t forget to add the contact details of your local Scout Group);
  • Copies of the current issue of Scouting Nederland’s “Scouting Magazine”;
  • A booklet about “Discovering Scouting”;
  • A reply-card (only in the box for Cub Scouts) with which you can earn a special “Scout Lecture” badge;
  • Small gifts to distribute to your audience like a key holder, badge or prize puzzle.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your own “Speech Box” for your association and help your Scouts tell their friends everything about Scouting.

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Contributing authors (text and images): Communications Team of Scouting Nederland, 2016


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