Sometimes it is hard to get an outside view of the work you are doing. But it is of great importance. That is why the Executive Committee of Scout Association of Slovenia (ZTS) gladly accepted the offer from European Scout Region to use the Global Support Assessment Tool. We took the opportunity to get a critical view on the real condition of our organisation. On the basis of the final report we will prepare a strategy of our work.

2015-11-14 08.56.13On the second weekend of November an external auditor from SGS and a facilitator from the European Regional Office joined our Executive Committee to go through “10 Dimensions of Best Practices” for NSO’s in order to highlight our strengths and weaknesses. Going through the process, we have realized that we are missing some important elements to comply with the good practices recognized for NSO’s. In spite of that we were wondering if every practice is applicable to every organisation regarding their specifics in the local environment, but we realise that it’s always easier to find the excuses instead of solutions.

During the time this article is being written we are still waiting for the preliminary report, which will also be followed by a full report in the next 2 weeks. Let’s make the best of it!

written by: Živa Novljan, Communications Commissioner of ZTS



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Jordan Bajraktarov
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