FNEL(FNEL/Luxembourg) – A National Scout Association (NSA) is often working with its own methods and usually discussin its own experiences, but sometimes this isn’t enough. From our presence at previous Academy events, we know how much it brings us to get out of our own comfort zone, to question ourselves and share best practices from other NSAs.

This time, we wanted to go a step further: in the prospect of our Strategy 2020, we decided welcoming the “Internal Auditors Training Programme” to the headquarters of FNEL Scouts and Guides (see euroscoutinfo’s article). This event did not only offer the possibility to train future assessors for the GSAT Assessment Tool, but also gave our NSA the possibility to reflect on our structures, programm, tools and procedures.

The process of an assessment sounds a bit scary at the beginning as you are confronted with the realities, the positive and negative parts of your work. After having completed the assessment, we are really satisfied with the way the assessment has been done, it focuses on different dimensions in Scouting and gives a good insight on the structures in place. It was a great weekend full of exchanges, ideas, self-reflection and feedback from other experienced scouts that know the challenges of an NSA.

Sometimes you have to get out of your own comfort zone to analyse to the situation, to get external feedback, to see the things you can improve in order to face new ideas and concepts.

written by Djuna Bernard – International Commissioner, Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Luxembourg



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Jordan Bajraktarov
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