DSC_2868In the light of its new National Strategy 2015-2018, Lithuanian Scouting has decided to take a firm step and measure the association’s performance with the Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT). The results of this assessment will provide valuable insight and input in the priorities and actions planned in the Strategy.

This weekend three key parties – representatives from Lithuanian Scouting, European Scout Region – Organisational Development Core Group (ODCG) and SGS – meet in Kaunas, Lithuania for the main assessment weekend. The parties are discussing and working on key dimensions, wrap up the results, and, together with ODCG, will decide on further steps to promote knowledge-based development.”We are looking forward to identify the main areas for the development of our organisation to make important steps forward” says Beatričė Leiputė, International Commissioner of Lithuanian Scouting.

The cross-regional assessment measures the association’s compliance with Good Governance principles & Quality Scouting. GSAT consists of 10 dimensions, developed by WOSM in collaboration with SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company with a well-proven track record in NGO audits.

The process will provide valuable information on the association’s governance, strategic framework and compliance with WOSM institutional requirements. The results of the assessment in the 10 dimensions should enable Lithuanian Scouting to continue working on one of its three main strategic priorities, namely support given to the regional and local levels, with the purpose of allowing members to focus on the delivery of educational programme. In addition, assessment of dimensions such as adults in scouting, growth potential, and resource allocation will be helpful in addressing the issues of the main strategic priority of the association – growth. Assessment dimensions such as youth programme are closely connected to the strategic priority of added value.

GSAT is available for all National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations in the European Scout Region. All costs are covered by a Messengers of Peace Project and by the European Scout Region. If you are interested, please contact your committee contact person or the European Regional Office. More information on www.scout.org/gsat.

Beatričė Leiputė

International Commissioner, Lithuanian Scouting



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