Africa-Europe partnerships: a youth-led vision for inclusive growth


“Unguvu; Strength through unity!” With this strong message in mind, the second  Unguvu project is all set to kick off in 4 days in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Co-funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Union, this is a multilateral project between the African and European regions – focusing on diversity and inclusion. The second Unguvu project continues the commitment of the two regions to work together in youth-led partnerships.


As the communities we live in constantly change, becoming more dynamic, we as Scouts must begin to ask ourselves how our associations, partnerships and activities reflect this. The topic of inclusive growth has been prioritised, for this reason, by both regions; ensuring that the future of Scouting is representative of the communities within which it operates.


During the last week of March, Scouts from from Africa and Europe will meet for the workshop in Addis Ababa. During the workshop, the participants will be facilitated by trainers to explore and discuss how diversity and inclusion are reflected in their respective NSOs. Further, the content will include an examination of the mechanisms that may be put in place to improve inclusive growth; with the final aim of producing a tangible resource to be used within NSOs.


Participants attending represent the the following countries: Burkina Faso (ASBF); Burundi (ASB); Chad (AST); Ethiopia (ESA); Finland (SP-FS); France (SGDF); The Gambia (GSA); Germany (VCP); Italy (AGESCI); Rwanda (ASR); Senegal (EEDS); Sweden (SSR); Switzerland (MSdS); and The United Kingdom (TSA).


During the workshop an important platform will be provided for the exchange of good practice amongst the NSOs. Sessions on how to disseminate the results of the workshop and implement key outcomes in respective NSOs will ensure a valuable return for all Unguvu partners. The workshop sessions and project implementation will be overseen by Mary Waweru (ARO) and Marguerite Potard (ERO), the support of two experts (Guillaume Cailleux and Bruno Antonio) and a volunteer planning team (Chris Dunn (TSA); Josephine Zana (VCP); and Thibaut Bambara (BSA)).


Following the workshop, the project will continue to complete the final resource, an online toolkit. This will be created by the participants and will be based upon a collection of the work done before, during and after the workshop. The ideas, project plans, resources, and concepts concerning diversity and inclusion in Scouting will be covered. This toolkit will be edited by four of the participants, who are volunteering their time and expertise, and uploaded to a webpage that is open for use by fellow Scouts.


Preparations have already begun, as participants research on important questions about diversity and inclusion in their countries, communities and Scout groups; ready to share all with their fellow Scouts in a few days time.



Marguerite Potard
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Marguerite Potard

Marguerite comes from France and she is Director of External relations and Funding at the Brusselos office of the European Scout Region. She is following the Region's work on external representation, advocacy and fund raising.

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