League of Young Voters

League of Young Voters

The European Elections are coming close and it’s time to make the voice of young people heard. The European Region – WOSM has developed a vision (A Europe of Opportunities) for Scouting, but all of you can play a role.

The League of Young Voters in Europe is a politically neutral initiative that aims to amplify young people’s concerns and expectations in the run-up to European elections. It’s a movement across Europe designed by young people, for young people. The League of Young Voters is not just an initiative to get young people to vote – it’s a movement that brings together all young people who want to choose what decisions Europe and its politicians will make on issues that concern them.

Want to give your contribution? Become an ambassador for the League in your country!

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Are you eager to influence the decisions made by politicians during the upcoming European elections? Do you believe we can make a difference through the ballot box? Help us in shaping a movement across Europe and get the opinion of young people in your country! Join the League and become the League of Young Voters ambassador for your country!

We want you to help us to promote the League of Young Voters in your country. Getting the message across is vital. If young people don’t vote, others will decide what is important for you. Moreover, via social media, we can bring ideas from young people from all over Europe together and have a stronger voice. In this way, you can help us to make these election campaigns truly European — for the first time as they have in the past mostly focused on national issues.

Are you between 16 and 30 years old, want to be an activist, and have crazy/genius ideas you want to share? Then becoming a League of Young Voters Ambassador is definitely something for you. Whatever your experience, whatever your views, by applying today you’ll be saying that you believe we can make a difference through the ballot box, and that you want to help us to mobilise young people in your country to challenge the status quo.

To apply and for more information: http://database.youthforum.org/public/event-details/event/481


Letizia Gambini
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Letizia Gambini

Letizia comes from Italy and she was Director of External Relations and Funding in the Brussels office of the European Scout Region. She was following the Region's work on external representation, advocacy and fundraising.

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