(Casal di Principe/AGESCI) – Twenty years have passed since that tragic morning, when, at 7.30am, a killer, entering into the church of Saint Nicholas of Bari’s in Casal di Principe, asked: “Who is Don Peppe”? – 4 shots, shot in the face. Who is Don Peppe Diana?

It had to be the “nightfall” and the victory of darkness. Yet, the myopia of Mafia did not understand that the seed was sown and planted. March 16th became the day of the redemption! That’s what we want to celebrate in 2014: there are many fruits sprouted in an adverse though fertile land.

Memory is not enough, we need strong awareness that becomes passion, turning into concrete acts.
We are deeply aware that the road ahead is still long and upward, but we feel pushed by the wind of hope, blowing stronger and stronger, by the conviction that life always wins over death.

The memory of the funeral of Don Beppe is still alive in our mind as well as the memory of his mother Iolanda wearing his son’s Scout scarf, crying for his death.

That Scout scarf is a strong call to our responsibilities, first of all to nurture the flame of memory and commitment, and never forgetting our feelings of warmth and friendliness to mother Iolanda and don Beppe’s family .

Don Beppe was one of us! A Scout.

March the 16th 1994 …. March the 16th 2014: twenty years and THE ROAD IS more and MORE BLUE.


After twenty years, the “Sheets of protest” displayed during the funeral of don Beppe Diana will be transformed into ” Sheets of Rebirth and Commitment “.

Scout will show on their sheets how they have concretely lived the transition from “The land of Camorra” into the “Land of Don Beppe”: telling about the activities and the experiences carried out on this territory and the projects and commitments they want to take for the future.

Read here the words of Don Peppe Diana in his testament.

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Letizia comes from Italy and she was Director of External Relations and Funding in the Brussels office of the European Scout Region. She was following the Region's work on external representation, advocacy and fundraising.

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