(Dublin/Scouting Ireland) – “#Dare2DoGood” is an initiative by Scouting Ireland to encourage people to record themselves doing something selfless, positive and good for someone else. It is a campaign launched to counter the phenomenon known as “NekNomination” (from: neck and nominate), the dangerously growing web-based binge-drinking craze, which most recently cost the life of a 19-year-old teenager in Ireland.

Jimmy Cunningham, from Scouting Ireland’s Communications Team, is really impressed by the responsiveness of his association’s newest campaign: “What an absolute whopper of a first day. 1,500 people have liked the #Dare2DoGood page on Facebook in less than 36 hours!” And he explains the origins of the initiative: “Scouting Ireland started this initiative to put a positive spin on the negativity that was getting generated by other nomination campaigns, in particular the phenomenon known as ‘NekNominations’.”

Following the tragic incident earlier this month, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, head of Ireland’s government, had urged “young people not to partake in Internet drinking activities such as NekNomination, which involved people being nominated to drink large amounts of alcohol and post a video online”, as RTÉ reported on its website.

The new campaign is picking up the Taoiseach’s message and uses the web to spread a positive message and attitude, as points out Jimmy Cunningham: “By getting involved in #Dare2DoGood, the whole purpose is to do a selfless, positive, good act for someone else. You then dare two people to get involved and do some good. What you do or what you share is up to you: something big or small, something simple or complicated, something by young or old. As long as it is something selfless, positive and good that benefits someone else that could be family, a friend, a colleague or a stranger.“

Scouting Ireland's call to join its #Dare2DoGood Campaign

Scouting Ireland’s call to join its #Dare2DoGood campaign

“We want to be sure everyone knows that there is no pressure from getting nominated by someone to take part”, he adds, “It is completely voluntary. There are no time limits involved in this campaign so you are under no pressure or obligation to do some good within a time frame or even at all.” And he launches an appeal to potential users of #Dare2DoGood: “Please use this campaign for what it was intended:  to do some good and to help create a better world. Perhaps we can make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

By the way: Scouting Ireland also encourages Scouts from other associations to join in: “We want everyone to participate and as many Scouts as possible from around the world to experience and take part in Dare2DoGood!”

So, why not help Scouting Ireland spread the word about #Dare2DoGood by taking part, by nominating friends and by sharing your contribution on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels?

Note: a special campaign website hosted by Scouting Ireland is now available. Make sure to get involved and spread information widely!.


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