The 11th Jamboree of the Scout Association of Macedonia was held from 20 to 28 of July in Skrebatno, a village near Ohrid. The scout association of Macedonia made an incredible team to organize the jamboree and they did an incredible job.

The jamboree included a lot of activities like shooting with riffles, archery , rocket modeling, cycling, surviving in nature, making soap, making bird houses, juggling and a lot of games on the coasts of the Ohrid and Prespa lakes.

All activities were happening in two shifts.The first shift started from 9 AM. The participants which activity was out of Skrebatno ex. in Ohrid, were driven to the site and back by the Army. The second shift started from 4 PM.

The jamboree had over 400 participants and guests from different countries like: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and Estonia.The jamboree was assisted and sponsored by the President of Republic of Macedonia, the Army of Republic of Macedonia, a Macedonian company called Vitaminka and Cannon.


Andrea Demarmels
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Andrea Demarmels

Andrea comes from Switzerland and is the Chairperson of the European Scout Committee. He is following the Region's work on Organisational Development too. Andrea is also a committee contact for Poland, Serbia (Kosovo included) and Spain.

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