Agora 2013

Agora 2013

Just before the Scout camps season started, in the end of June 2013, the European Union adopted its total budget for the next 7 years (2014-2020). This included a final agreement on Erasmus +, the new EU funding programme for youth, which brings together former programmes funding youth activities, education and exchanges: Erasmus, the European Voluntary Service, Youth in Action, Life-Long Learning.

The total budget of the programme amounts to a total of 16 billion EUR for Erasmus +. This is a significant increase compared to the previous multi-annual budget. The Youth in Action chapter (which will be allowed to keep its specific name and branding) gets around 10% of this: an estimated increase of 60% compared to 2007-2013.

The new types of youth projects will be divided in 3 key actions for funding:

Key Action 1: Learning mobility for individuals, including the ‘classics’, youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service and internationl training courses for youth leaders and youth workers.

Key Action 2: Cooperation and Partnerships, cooperation and innovation for good practices is a completely new action, focusing on encouraging cooperation also across educational providers and long term partnerships.

Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform, which will mostly be targeted at the dialogue between young people and the EU and to the Structured Dialogue in the Youth Field.

Currently the European Commission is working on the official Programme Guide that will detail all rules for different types of projects and funding opportunities. Erasmus + will start on 1 January 2014. We expect the first deadline for funding at national level to be in February 2014.

Want to get more information?

National Agencies are preparing info days on the new programme in each EU28 countries. Contact them to be present to the meeting and get first source information. Additionally, WOSM will be attending the traditional info day organised by the Executive Agency of the European Commission (EACEA) in Brussels (date tbc, expected in November 2013).

If you wish to know more or receive support to contact your National Agency, contact me at the Brussels Office for more information!


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