If a picture says more then 1000 words then what about video, as in average video there are 24 pictures per second…


Many NSOs/NSAs not just in the European Scout region, but worldwide are using videos as one of the tools for their promotion, as well as for attracting new members and new Scout leaders.

The first article on this topic, that was published about a month ago, raised the interest among NSO/NSAs in the region, and we received some feedback suggesting some other videos that were produced. Therefore, we are now providing review of some more videos for promotion of Scouting.

Slovakia: Scouting in fun. 100 years:

Ukraine, promotional video for last year centenary jamboree:

Greece, promotion of a national campaign:

Norway, The adventure is waiting for you (30 and 60 seconds versions): http://www.speiding.no/verving/?side=reklamefilm

Slovenia, a video by local Scout group from Ljubljana for attraction of new members in Scout section:


The “salmon woman”:

The “goat man”:


New from Scouts – Three actual dimensions:

There’s no app for this:

Scout friends:

The adventure starts here – Scout Canada:

So, again as in the previous article, if you are aware of any video produced by any NSO/NSA and, according your opinion, is interesting to be shared with Scouts from other countries, please send it to Jordan Bajraktarov (jbajraktarov@scout.org), so information about it can be shared here.


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