How would you plan a donation project to support a scout organization in a foreign country? Which role does social media play in the communication with international scouts? About 35 scouts from Europe, Nepal and Africa met in Fall 2012 at the bi-annual North South meeting in Germany to discuss such topics. The outcome of this meeting is now publicly available as handbook with title “A toolkit for campaigning”.

Without any doubt, international partnerships among scout associations are absolutely vital for emphasizing the global scope of the scout movement. International partnerships enable kids and young adults to explore foreign cultures and to learn from each other. Beyond that, partnerships with countries of the global south enable the scout movement to support young people in less prosperous regions in this world. Such partnerships with countries of the global south are the focus of the North-South-Meeting, at which volunteers from European Scout Associations gather in an informal setting to jointly work on challenges, opportunities and future ideas for such partnerships.

In the past we identified communication aspects and the need for campaigning, for example in order to promote a donation project or a newly partnership program, to be a common challenge for many scout associations. For this reason the members at the NSN meeting decided that they wanted to focus on communication during an entire meeting. The meeting was held in Fall 2012 at Burg Rieneck, Germany. It was organized by two German Scout Associations, VCP and DPSG.

During the North South meeting, the participants discussed a wide range of issues related to communication in scouting, ranging from challenges in media productions to communication strategies inside different national scouting organizations. The organizers of the meeting in Germany have now distilled the results of this meeting in a toolkit that is freely available to all scouts. It is available to Download or read online on Scribd (See below)

Elias Weingärtner, Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft St. Georg

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Tool kit on Campaigning



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