How to establish a useful training tools for consultants? How to help consultants to deliver high quality support to NSOs and NSAs? What can we learn from our tailored support experiences in Europe?

To discuss these and other issues, the Organisational Development Core Group (ODCG) is meeting in the beautiful countryside south of Brussels this weekend. As the questions are relevant to the whole of WOSM, the ODCG is joined by representatives from the World Scout Bureau Central Office and the World Scout Bureau – European Regional Office, who are dealing with the topic in their area of work.

The goal is to collect ideas and to set a frame to establish an online-based training tool that is available to consultants in all Regions. The ODCG is working on its ideas and collecting experiences that might help to develop a useful, easy-understandable and easy-accessible tool.

The vision behind this piece of work is that everyone who becomes a consultant to any NSO or NSA is suitably trained and finds a practical toolbox to help delivering the consultancy support.

Warmly hosted by the Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen, the members of the ODCG together with staff and committee members, are having a great time in creatively developing ideas and working on concrete issues, but also meeting Belgian Scouts and Guides who are having a national training event at the same time at the same place.


Matthias Gerth
About The Author

Matthias Gerth

Matthias comes from Switzerland and is currently following the Region's work on the Organisational Development core group and Partnerships with other Regions working group.

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