Latest updated from Maribor, Slovenia. Where the European Youth Forum just held its General Assembly and opened the beginning of Maribor as European Capital of Youth for the  year 2013.

The WOSM delegation attended the General Assembly, composed by Olga Berg External Relations Coordinator, Marcio Barcelos our candidate to the Board of the Youth Forum, Jeremy Apert as External Representative, Nicolo Pranzini and Lorenzo Nava on behalf of the Brussels Office.

What was the General Assembly for? To elect the President, 2 Vice Presidents, 8 Board Members and the Financial Commission and the Consultative Body for Membership Application for the coming 2 years.

The outcome? WOSM congratulates Peter Matjašič, for winning his second term mandate as president of the Youth Forum, and Guoda Lomanaite and Lloyd Russell as Vice Presidents. As well as congratulating Jure Stajnhaber, Maria Dokupilova, Elise Drouet, Jerry Den Haan, Johanna Nyman and Miroslaw Krzanik as seven of the eight board members elected. As you may have noticed there is one name missing, and that is the name of Marcio Barcelos, as WOSM representative. A loud round of applause to everyone reminding that WOSM is present, as has always been to promote and support youth work around the globe, in partnership with other like-minded organisations and structures, confirming our strong cooperation with the European Youth Forum and looking      Forward a sustainable and efficient cooperation with the new Board.

However in three days we did not have just elections. We were also discussing how should the advocacy with and for young people proceed in Europe, and the General Assembly approved the Policy Paper on Youth Rights.

The Second approved paper concerning the Loveyouthfuture campaign, calling for more investment in youth and young people, a campaign that is very much concerned with the future of the European Commission Programme for young people and the upcoming 2014 European Union Elections. A very ambitious and corageous objective.

Concluding therefore WOSM also would like to welcome the new Youth Councils in the Youth Forum. The Czech Council of Children and Youth, the Nacionalen Mladezhki Forum Bulgaria and the Serbian Youth Umbrella KOMS.

Yours in Scouting,

Jeremy Apert


Lorenzo Nava
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Lorenzo Nava

Lorenzo is comming from Italy, and he is Director of External Relations and Funding at European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Partnerships with other Regions, External Relations and Funding.

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