(PPÖ/Vienna, Bahati) – “Helping with heart and hand” has a long tradition in Austria’s Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs. At regular intervals, a development project in a foreign  country is selected to receive support for one or two years. “Social engagement and intercultural understanding constitute an important aspect of our educational offer”, explains Terry from PPÖ’s national office, “They are as important as adventure, nature or global friendships”.

For the two years from September 2011 to August 2013, PPÖ is supporting an ambitious project in Tanzania in Africa. “Bustani ya Tushikamane” aims at bringing together all relevant knowledge about sustainable and ecological agriculture: young local farmers are trained in a “Garden of Solidarity” and confronted with new planting technologies.

Working in the “Garden of Solidarity” in Tanzania

But the valuable support is not limited to collecting and transferring funds from Austria to Africa. Austrian Scouts are part of the project team in Tanzania and help run the “Garden of Solidarity”. And earlier this summer a new highlight: a Scout & Guide Camp in Bahati, combining typical camp activities, like fun and adventure, with agricultural training. A total of sixty young Scouts and Guides  from Morogoro District received training in a number of areas: composting, low growing cultures, permaculture, sack gardening, and usage of tip taps.

The participants were able to instantly apply these useful techniques in practice and realise that they can increase output and contribute to a successful harvest. Which is important in a country where most of the people have less than three Euro to spend per day.

Tanzania Scouts at Bahati Camp

At the end of a three day long unforgettable experience, Scouts and Guides returned home, not only with fond memories in their baggage, but with broadened knowledge and experience in new farming techniques. And they left behind Bahati Camp with a grown, sustainable “Garden of Solidarity”.

And in Austria, Guides and Scouts of all ages contribute to this project by raising awareness and also by collecting funds.

Find out more about PPÖ’s project at the special website.



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