From the 30th of May until the 3rd of June, over 140 Scout leaders from 33 European countries gathered in mountainous Sinaia of central Romania for the 7th European Educational Methods Forum. The forum is targeted at Scout leaders working at national level in their National Scout Organisations/Associations and aims to assist and augment Youth Programme and Adult Resource strategies. The intention is to increase the impact of Scouting at a national level and to support Scouting at local level. It is an excellent opportunity for those in attendance, to meet like-minded individuals from different countries who are experiencing similar trends within Europe and are also trying to solve similar issues.

Participants of the 7th Educational Methods Forum © Milutin Milosevic

The theme of the forum was ‘Relevance’: How can we be and stay relevant in Scouting for the youth in Europe? Many interesting workshops/sessions were held. Some topics covered included religion and spirituality in Scouting, maintaining Scouting values in a changing Europe and a chance to suggest input into the European Regional Scout Plan for the next triennium. Time was also provided for networks to be established between Scout leaders in similar roles from different countries, with the hope of at least some of these networks being an ongoing support system for the members into the future.
The Scouts of Romania were most generous hosts; some highlights included a Romanian cultural evening and a Vampire themed ball. The Planning Team consisting mostly of Educational Methods Core Group members of the European Scout Region prepared a great event, under the coordination of Director of Educational Methods, Radu Stinghe. João Armando G. of the World Scout Committee was in attendance and hosted some excellent sessions, including a review of Youth Programme at world level and employability and entrepreneurship. European Scout Committee member, Petr ‘Permi’ Vaněk reminded participants to seek better exchange with colleagues abroad and actively search for information about European projects and events. Andrei Popescu from the Romanian Youth in Action National Agency held an opening input and Youth in Action provided financial support for the running of the event.

Morning session © Patrik Hedljung

Over the five days of the forum many ideas and good practices were exchanged, many new friendships were born and many issues were addressed. The synergy of these creations will hopefully produce benefit for all NSO/NSAs involved.
Text by Mary Scriven, Educational Methods Core Group


Petr 'Permi' Vaněk
About The Author

Petr 'Permi' Vaněk

Permi comes from the Czech Republic and is a member of the European Scout Committee. He is following the Region's work on Youth Empowerment and Educational Methods. Permi is also a committee contact for Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Portugal, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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