Stephen Peck facilitating Tailored Support to The Scout Association of Serbia

Chiefs of over 40 scout groups, the National Board and the Programme Committee gathered two weeks ago for a Strategy development and planning meeting called “Step Forward”.

The aim was to initiate the process of Strategy and Vision development towards positioning scouts in Serbia as a leading youth non-formal education organization.

The meeting is supported by the European Scout Office, through the Tailored Support and monitored by Stephen Peck.

As a result, scouts in Serbia have started the process of strategy development and identified 5 strategic priorities for next period, namely: Youth programme review (based on the needs of young people); Establishment of unique training system; Management & Finances; Strengthening of Image & Brand and finally- Partnerships & External recognition.

Over 60 participants have been engaged in the work during the weekend and established the main milestones in future development. Leadership of the NSO is strongly determined to further work on final establishment and implementation of the strategy.

(Text by Milena Pecarski, International Commissioner, Scout Association of Serbia)


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