How can your MO/NSO grow? What can you do to increase your growth or stop the declining membership? This is the main topic of the Growth Event (JUMP) taking place in Copenhagen from 26 to 29 April. The aim of this training course is to gather organizations from the European countries to discuss and compare different designs of growth and inclusion plans that will ultimately give more opportunities to young people to participate in youth associations and therefore in society.

We want to

  • to equip young leaders with the skills needed to develop and manage youth work and organizations;
  • to strengthen their capacities and increase their potential to become decision-makers in their associations, and;
  • to create a network of leaders for future support and cooperation.

Participants will gain skills in assessing society and understanding young people’s needs, designing programs and managing structures that match young people’s expectations and in writing a growth inclusive plan for the nominating organization. The plans can then be implemented in the nominating organizations.

If you have…

  • ample experience in Scouting / Guiding;
  • ample experience at national level in your organization;
  • an overview of a wide range of areas such as youth Programme, recruitment, training, public relations, etc.
and you are
  • involved at national level on growth related projects;
  • in the position to influence the implementation plan to grow as an organization;
  • able to contribute on a strategic level as a project leader in your own organization;
  • preferably between 25 and 30 years of age whenever possible (participants should be under 30);
  • comfortable with abstract thinking and not be focused on only one area of work;
Then you have selection criteria for participating in this main event on growth happening in this triennium and therefore a very important one.

More detailed information about the event, as well as invitation letter can be found on the Europak Online website. Registration for the event is easy. Just fill in the online registration form.

Registration deadline is 8th of April 2012


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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