The Scout Association UK is currently running an interesting project on Youth Empowerment or Explorers Empowerment. The objective of the project, that runs from 2012 until April 2013, is to “increase the decision making and influence of Explorers in the section”.

This project aims at discussing and identifying ways in which we can support leaders and Explorer Scouts to encourage Explorers to lead themselves and make more decisions throughout their Unit and District. After consultation and feedback from volunteers, it has been noted that whilst a key element of the Explorer Scout section
should be young people beginning to provide leadership for themselves, this doesn’t really happen. It is intended that this project will help in supporting Explorer Scouts and leaders to find ways to get Explorers involved in leading in their Unit and District. This should eventually help with recruiting adult volunteers and Network members,
as the young people will have a greater idea of what to expect and the tasks that are involved in leadership. By supporting Explorer empowerment in this way, the project will make a big contribution to TSAs aim of increasing the participation of young people in the movement says Kristy Bate, Programme and Development Advisor, The Scout Association.


Radu Stinghe
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Radu Stinghe

Radu comes from Romania and is the Director of Youth Programme in the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Youth Empowerment.

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