Have you filled-in your volunteer experience in your LinkedIn profile? It can help you to increase your chances on the labour market.

In today’s competitive job market, employers increasingly look for evidence of volunteering to differentiate top candidates. A research done by LinkedIn showed that one out of every five HR managers (in the United States) agree they have hired a candidate because of their experience in volunteer work. It seems that employers start to realize that successful people often invest in social initiatives, and so they are also looking for candidates with character. Evidence of volunteering not only allows you to showcase certain talents and experiences, it also reveals compassion and commitment. And this is what Scouting is about, isn’t it?

In the end of 2011, LinkedIn added a Volunteer Experience & Causes field to the LinkedIn profile. Now you can share volunteer experiences, causes you care about and organizations you support with your professional networks. Why not to mention what you do in Scouting there?

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Pavel Trantina
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Pavel Trantina

Pavel comes from the Czech Republic and is the co-ordinator of Region's Volunteering Working Group.

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