“A Different Kind of School” is a project of the Romanian Ministry of Education that encourages schools from all over the country to experience a week of a different kind of education (outdoors, non-formal, etc.).

The Romanian Scout Association was the only NGO with which the Romanian Government agreed to sign a partnership for this project, allowing local Troops to organise a day of Scouting in all schools in Romania.

With a potential of reaching out to some 4 million kids, the Romanian Association might face a huge demand for membership and, in order to get the most benefit from this, they’ll need to manage the process effectively.

Based on their previous experience with events linked to the Centenary of Scouting, The Scout Association (UK) has kindly offered its support in helping with the preparation and the management of the project. Paul Wilkinson, Assistant Director, is the main resource person for this in the UK and his recent visit to Romania, in January, proved the usefulness of such bilateral partnerships, his insights bringing new perspectives to the Romanian planning process. Several resources produced in the UK are now available to the Romanian Scout National Board and constant communication regarding the project has been established between the two parties.

And now we are waiting to see the outcome of all these efforts – we will keep you posted!!


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Radu Stinghe
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Radu comes from Romania and is the Director of Youth Programme in the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Youth Empowerment.

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