(Praha, Junák) – When you live long enough to look back on 100 years, this is a welcome reason to celebrate – after all it only happens every 100 years! And it usually the moment to look back on your achievements and reflect on all the challenges encountered and mastered.

When it comes to the Scout Movement, a centenary provides an extra reason to celebrate and party. And in 2011/2012 it is time (not only) for Junák, the Czech Scout Movement to celebrate its first 100 years and to look back on the colourful history of Scouting and Guiding in the Czech Republic.

One of the visible results of this exercise is now available in bookshops across the country: „The Scout Centenary Book“ (kniha Skautské století)!

"The Scout Century Book"

A representative publication describing the first 100 years of Junák, its meaning and significance, its personalities and actors, its achievements and challenges, as well as the benefits it offered the Czech society and the non-formal education of the country’s young citizens.

Divided into eleven chapters, „The Scout Centenary Book“ looks back at the different historical periods of the Czech Scout Movement, from its origins at the beginning of the last century to the present. It contains a chronicle of major events, facts and figures, funny anecdotes as well as descriptions of many specialties of Czech Scouting.

The editorial team dusted off more than 800 photos, drawings and prints, most of which had been carefully kept in private archives and were never published before. They provide a beautiful visual record and adequately illustrate the first century of the Czech Scout Movement.

As Junák and its members move on to new adventures and into the next 100 years, „The Scout Centenary Book“ leaves us a written and visual testimony of the achievements realised by many generations of Czech Scouts and Guides and their thousands of adult leaders since 1910.

You can get your copy of „The Scout Centenary Book“ in bookshops across the Czech Republic or online at Junák‘s Scout Shop. It will be available from February 2012 for about CZK 500.

By the way, the scarf shown in the picture was specially designed for the jubilee: white numbers indicate the founding and centenary years, black indicates years when the Czech Scout Movement was forbidden, and light blue shows the years when Scouting and Guiding flourished.

For more information:

The Book Project on the web.
The promotional folder introducing „The Scout Century Book“.
The Facebook Project recalling „100 years of Czech Scouting in 100 days“.


Rupert Schildböck
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Rupert Schildböck

Rupert comes from Austria and is the Executive Assistant to the Regional Director. His responsibilities include internal and external communications and administrative assistance in Regional events.

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