(Praha, Junák) – Do you know what happened in the nineteenth year of Junák, the Czech Scout Movement? Here is how to find out: today is the nineteenth day of a unique facebook project launched by Junák: retelling the story of the first 100 years of the Czech Scout Movement over 100 days with 100 insight stories and mostly unpublished images. Day 19 looks back on 1929, the nineteenth year in the history of the Czech Scout Movement.

Thanks to this project, you will discover a different anecdote of Czech Scouting each day, a story and contemporary image, which you are unlikely to find elsewhere. And some of the photos may surprise you indeed, most of them have never been published before!

Day 19 Recalling Year 19 of the History of the Czech Scout Movement

So, don’t wait and discover “100 years of Czech Scouting in 100 days through 100 stories and images”: the history of the Czech Scout Movement retold on facebook by the authors of “The Scout Century Book”.

Junák‘s history is only two clicks away: go and visit the project’s faccebook site. Next, just click on the “I like” button. And then, for the next 81 days you will find a beautifully illustrated piece of history of the Czech Scout Movement on your own facebook wall. And for those of us who are not so fluent in Czech, Pavel regularly publishes the English translation on his facebook wall.


Rupert Schildböck
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Rupert Schildböck

Rupert comes from Austria and is the Executive Assistant to the Regional Director. His responsibilities include internal and external communications and administrative assistance in Regional events.

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