Country representatives from 7 countries involved in the “Emigrant Birds” Project

“Emigrant Birds”  – a Lithuanian Scouting local scout group from Vilkija project, which was held on October 21-28, with a participation of 7 different countries, including over  50 scouts, aged 14-18 from Russia, Poland, Malta, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania!

The main project theme was emigraton, since all participating countries are more or less common with this problem it is very efficient for young people to understand the reasons of migration and be able to weigh the risks and possible threats while migrating.

The activities during project included topics, considerating questions why and where people migrate, what are the main drawbacks and what positive migration sides do people find. Participants lived together for a week and had many different activities in the district, local school and also went on a trip to a seaside. Mainly, all the work was made in a small international groups – scouts learnt and improved their skills through international teambuilding. Moreover, each evening was prepared by a different country with traditional songs, games and customs.

The ability to handle same questions in an international atmosphere makes young scouts more confident and being able to discuss the common topics more widely, making them more attached to each other. This project reflects the main Lithuanian Scouting slogan ‘‘Fun with a purpose!”

Participants of the “Emigrant Birds” Project

Text and photos by: 
Beatrice Leipute
International Commissioner of Lithuanian Scouting


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