“The Values of the Youth in Serbia” and cooperation with the Humanitarian Organisation Divac

President of The Scout Organisation of Serbia with other partners and Vlade Divac

The Scout Organisation of Serbia joined the project “The Values of the Youth in Serbia”, run by the Humanitarian Organisation Divac [1].  The aim of the project is through the “Divac Idea Forum” to actively engage all the structures of the society in Serbia in order to identify the values of today’s young people living in Serbia and promote positive and constructive ones. Consequently, the network of social actors will create relevant platform of projects for the development of more youth-need oriented activities and finally, implement those actions.

The Scout Organisation of Serbia has been recognised as valuable stakeholder in the process and thus has the role of coordinating the thematic sector of “Culture and Leisure”, one of five thematic sectors of the whole Idea Forum. The NSO also has a network of its representatives in other thematic sectors, developing platforms for: Environment; Activism, Volunteerism, Informing and Youth Mobility; Employment and Education and Health and Security.

Scotus participating in the project working group

The thematic sectors will work on generating ideas until March, when the list of further projects will be developed.

The Idea Forum is supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, many public officials, actors, artists and academics in Serbia.

The partner at the project is the newly established Serbian Youth Umbrella Organisation ( KOMS [2]) where the Scout Organisation of Serbia is one of the founders.

Scouts of Serbia and Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia

Mr. Vlade Divac [3] is a former scout and a very famous basketball player, who played most of his career in the NBA.


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