Educational Methods Core Group 2010-2013

The Educational Methods Core Group finally met over the weekend 17 – 18 September 2011. The approach taken by the Group was that it would be better to wait for all the Region’s working groups to start operating and then see which elements of their work should be supported. The meeting showed that there are a lot of issues and actions that are dealt with in several groups and that coordination is very much needed to have the full-expected success.


The Core Group sees its function mainly as a focal point with people with various expertise and experiences who are ready to provide answers to the needs of national Scout associations. Besides, Group plans to work on creating opportunities for people to meet and exchange, providing guidance in some areas (like e-learning), ensuring an “international perspective” (taking into account and respect cultural differences), improving relations with external educational institutions, and exploring connections between employment and volunteering (cooperation with the business world).


The key challenge for the Core Group is organising the Educational Methods Forum (recently know as the Forum on Youth Programme and Adult Resources). The Forum is planned for end of May – beginning of June 2012, with the expectation to bring along national teams that deal with educations aspect of Scouting.


Besides, the Core Group will try to support networking and intra-regional projects, map and update existing educational materials, explore educational aspect of various new tools and technologies, support educational dimension of Youth Programmes in associations…


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Milutin Milošević
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Milutin Milošević

Milutin comes from Serbia and is a Director of Adult Resources at European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Volunteering.

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