On the 1stof September Lithuanian Scouting launched its renewed website – the Scoutnet. For the last seven years it was like a virtual campfire where you could meet friends and communicate with them using different tools. Now it will be even more social: composed of three main functions that are aimed for bringing all real life scouting achievements and experiences into Scoutnet.

”. Most active users will be nominated as “Scout of the month” and will have a special piece in the main page of Scoutnet

Renewed website consists of three main areas: content area, projects area and personal area. Every user will be encouraged to create scouting stories, videos, photo reports etc. and share them in the content area. Projects area will be useful for those, who spend a lot of time planning and implementing scouting activities. Personal area will be a place where all your personal activities and experiences will be seen.

As one of the main objectives for Scoutnet v2.0 is engaging members and encouraging them to be active in creating and sharing different content, developer’s team prepared some motivational “candies”. Most active users will be nominated as “Scout of the month” and will have a special piece in the main page of Scoutnet. New virtual merit badges will be introduced not only as a way to motivate users, but also as a tool for helping them learn more about internet, use of different media and other things.

“Scoutnet can play a very important role in implementing strategy of our organization. It’s the main place where our members can meet, communicate and find information, so it has to be not only attractive but, also, engaging.” – says Tomas Rakovas, Chief Scout of Lithuanian Scouting – “I’m glad that the main work of testing Scoutnet and preparing it for a launch has been done by a small group of our explorers and rovers. They know best what is good for their peers, so their opinion is very important. Also, all of them are very happy to have a possibility to participate in building a new “home” and get new experience. They are already the biggest fans of renewed Scoutnet and are ready to help other members from their scout units get along with the big changes.”

(Post written by Beatrice Leipute, Lithuanian Scouting)


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