Navigamus 2012 is the 7th traditional camp of water scouts from the Czech Republic with guests from foreign countries. In June 2012, scouts will be transported to the deck of RMS Titanic to commemorate a hundred-year anniversary of her maiden voyage. Various activities, team games and outdoor programme will be prepared for all participants.

Over a thousand of participants will experience unforgettable atmosphere of a really great meeting. They will have chance to try new things and make friends with the scouts both from the Czech Republic and abroad. The organizer of the camp is Junák – svaz skautů a skautek ČR, Plzeňský kraj (Pilsen region).

To get a place on Titanic is a prestigious affair. There are four decks on the ship. Obviously, the more luxurious one, the more expensive ticket. To be on the first deck is a demonstration of your good rank. Do you think you can‘t get to the first deck?

Don‘t be afraid, nothing is impossible!

Registration starts in December at, sign in as soon as possible to gain the best places!


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