“Scouting for a positive change” is the motto of the next Africa Jamboree. It will take place from July 28th to August 5th, 2012, in Bugere, Burundi at the National Training Centre of the Association of the Scouts of Burundi.
Some European associations have been contacted to participate or support an African Jamboree in Ghana during the same dates.

This Jamboree is not organised by the Ghana Scout Association (see the enclosed letter) nor by any recognized organisation of WOSM. Please, have also a look at the enclosed circular of ISGF giving more information.
If you are interested for your group, district or NSO to take part or support the next Africa Jamboree, in Burundi, please contact either the Burundi Association or the Africal Regional Office

Don’t hesitate to spread the news through your national and local networks!


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Alix Masson
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Alix Masson

Alix comes from France and she was Director of External Relations and Funding at European Scout Office. She was following the Region's work on Partnerships with other Regions, External Relations and Funding.

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