A group of Cub Scouts and their Leader visited Westminster on 7th June for Parliament’s first ever Cub pack meeting. The event was part of The Scout Association’s drive to promote the benefits of volunteering to adults.

Various MP’s joined them to volunteer for the day and see first-hand the benefits that volunteering has on the life of adult Leaders present. Many of the Leaders at the meeting were recent recruits to Scouting, having joined up over the past two years.

Among those taking part was scout leader Jenny Thorp, who said volunteering with the scouts helped launch her career as a teacher. She said: “When I decided to change career paths and become a teacher the skills I’d developed in scouting were key to getting a place on the Graduate Teacher Programme.”

Planned to coincide with National Volunteers’ Week, the event saw a collection of MPs work with twelve adult Leaders from around the country to help twenty-eight Cub Scouts enjoy a range of activities. Activities included setting up a camp and going on an indoor expedition.

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Milutin comes from Serbia and is a Director of Adult Resources at European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Volunteering.

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