Junak – Association of Scouts and Guides of the Czech Republic opens an EVS position for international volunteers in its international team. Project will start in October 2011, applications should be send by 15th May to evs@junak.cz.

Overview – Junák

With its almost 45.000 members Junak is the largest civic association of children and youth in the Czech Republic. Junak was established in 1911 and its mission is to support the development of children and young people’s perso­nalities, their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical abilities, so during their whole lives they can be prepared to fulfill their duties to themselves, to others, to God, to nature and to the whole of human society in the spirit of the principles set up by the Founder of the Scout and Guide Movements, Robert Baden-Powell.

Junák offers to its members, as well as to all young people and general public, wide range of activities. From regular meetings of small scout units to more than 1000 summer camps being held every year, programmes of non-formal education and charity activities (e.g. „Let’s build school in Africa“ project). Main target group of our programme are young people between 6–25 years. Our activities are mostly run by Czech volunteers, who can generally communicate in basic English.

Description of the volunteer position

The main idea behind the project is to enhance our international team with the volunteer, who wants to explore Czech scouting and its involvement in the international scouting activities.

We are looking for a creative and open-minded young volunteer, who wants to share his experience with scouting and contribute to the development of this movement. We can offer him/her inspiration for wide range of activities (described below). Definite list of activities will be tuned with the volunteer, his/her mentor and Junak after he/she learns more about possibilities, which Junak can offer.

Volunteer position is open from October 2011 for 10–12 months, depending on how long the volunteer is able to be in a position.

Proposed activities

Volunteer should mainly work in the central office of Junak and co-operate with its international team. But we do not want the volunteer to work only in the office, but also to participate in other scouting activities, e.g. weekend educational courses, regular rover meetings etc.

List of activities includes:

  • Presentation of the international Scouting and Guiding in educational courses and seminaries, participation and organization of discussions, games etc. (approximately 1 or 2 weekends every month)
  • Internship in Scout and Guide centres in the Czech Republic with international activities (1 or 2 weeks)
  • Writing articles in foreign language to the Czech scout magazines (about 2–4 articles a month)
  • Blog on the Czech Scouting and Guiding and experiences from the stay in the Czech Republic on the Czech scout website (4 hours a week)
  • Communication with foreign Scouts and Guides coming to the Czech Republic – sharing and collecting their experiences, giving advice and tips about the Czech Republic etc. (4 hours a week)
  • Involvement in the organization of Junak’s contingents to big international scout event (e.g. Roverway 2012, Central European Jamborees). (4 hours a week)
  • Regular involvement in the activities of Scout and Guide units – Rover groups (group of older scouts between 20–27) from Prague

Project environment

The central office of Junák is situated in the very centre of Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague represents a vibrant centre of urban life with rich cultural scene, a lot of sport facilities and magnificent historical heritage. It lies literally in the heart of Europe with easy access from all parts of the continent (either by plane or by train or bus).

The central office of Junák is responsible for maintaining everyday functioning of Junák and providing many services to its members (e.g. information services, registration of members, co-ordination of educational activities, financial management, international services).

Volunteer can be accommodated in one of the scout centres in Prague. He/she will be provided with a flat with standard equipment, bathroom and kitchen. He/she can prepare meals on his/her own in the kitchen or buy them in many quite cheap restaurants in the city (lunch menu from 3 Euros).

More detailed information about the project can be found in the EVS database: www.evsdataba­se.eu, EI Ref.: 2010-CZ-4

Please send your CV and a motivation letter to Petr Macek, international secretary, evs@junak.cz, by 15th May 2011

Contact information:

  • Organisation: Junak – Association of Scouts and Guides, CZ
  • Address: Senovazne nam. 24
  • Postal Code: 116 47
  • Town: Prague 1
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • E-mail: evs@junak.cz
  • Phone: +420 234 621 285
  • Contact person: Mr. Petr Macek


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