I am in Riga, Latvia, this weekend, meeting with representatives from Latvijas Skautu un Gaidu Centrālā Organizācija, otherwise known as LSGCO. This is a joint visit and I’m very pleased that colleagues from WAGGGS are here too.

Both WOSM and WAGGGS have made several visits to LSGCO over the last few years, to provide both encouragement and assistance to the national leadership who are working hard to implement measures to ensure that strategic development takes place, in order to help LSGCO in their mission to develop and increase their membership.

As with any visit to an NSO, this should be a great way to learn directly, what has been happening over recent months. We are hoping that over the course of the weekend we will be able to get a more accurate picture of the membership situation and learn more about the youth programme renewal and the training system renewal work that the association has been undertaking, following earlier inputs from both Regions.

LSGCO were unable to be present at the 39th World Scout Conference in Curitiba, Brazil, earlier this month, so the visit will provide an opportunity to update the leadership on the latest developments in the European Scout Region, including the launch of the Regional Scout Plan and an explanation of how we have reconfigured our ways of working to more effectively meet the needs of NSOs, like LSGCO.

In addition, we will promote the Needs and Strengths analysis that was mentioned in Brazil, as well as new communications tools like EuroScoutInfo.com.


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Craig Turpie
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Craig Turpie

Craig comes from the United Kingdom and was Chairman of the European Scout Committee and a Member of the World Scout Committee. He was following the Region's work on Organisational Development. Craig was also a committee contact for Andorra, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia and Spain.

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