Supporting Growth in Changing Times is the theme of the Regional Scout Plan, and with this in mind, was launched at the first meeting of the European Scout Region on Monday, 10 January 2011, during the 39th World Scout Conference in Curitiba, Brazil.

For many years, associations across Europe have received regular updates from the European Scout Region, and as times have changed the communication channels have also changed.

If you can remember what a fax is, you might be old enough to remember EuroFax, which predated widespread access and use of email and the internet. Every month, the European Regional Office would send out faxes to associations across Europe, with all the latest news and information gathered and distributed from the centre.

As time progressed, Euro.Scout.Info was introduced and was distributed via email and in other formats too. Although the method had changed, the content was similar to EuroFax.

Recognising that communications has changed dramatically in the past couple of years, has been launched to replace the monthly distribution of EuroFax. Rather than waiting for news and information to be distributed at a set time, the website will allow people to access it as and when they wish, and help themselves to what they need.

As well as a platform for sharing regular news, there will be a focus on sharing news and information on the five themes that are featured in the Regional Scout Plan. The Working Groups looking at Volunteering, Growth through Quality, Embracing Change, Youth Empowerment and Partnerships with other Regions will all contribute too.

The website will also be used to highlight the needs and strengths of associations, allowing connections and collaboration to be developed. is more than just a website though. There are a number of other features including:

  • RSS Feeds, allowing users to consume content in their preferred RSS reader on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Mobile optimisation, allowing people to access the site content whilst on the move.

A participant at the meeting noted that “We have been waiting for an online platform like this for some time. It has some great features and should be of benefit to associations in Europe.”

Craig Turpie, Chairman of the European Scout Committee said, “I’m pleased that has been launched, and would urge associations in Europe to use it alongside our other communications channels including and”


Craig Turpie
About The Author

Craig Turpie

Craig comes from the United Kingdom and was Chairman of the European Scout Committee and a Member of the World Scout Committee. He was following the Region's work on Organisational Development. Craig was also a committee contact for Andorra, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia and Spain.

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  1. Guest says:

    This is a good development!

    However, I can’t find a french language translation, where is the link?

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