Diversity & Inclusion

Organisations need to be supported in addressing key challenges of their communities related to migration, diversity and social inclusion. Scouting is inclusive, respecting differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability. Our young and adult volunteers are powerful agents of social change in the world; their support is essential for their engagement in these issues. Adapting their non-formal educational programmes to be able to provide all young people with meaningful opportunities, reaching out to young people from socially excluded and culturally diverse backgrounds will be the main issues that will be tackled by the group.

#ScoutRESPECT Social Media Campaign

Launched in 2015, the #ScoutRESPECT Social Media Campaign aims to raise awareness in the areas of diversity, inclusion and accessibility in Scouting. Between Spring 2015 and Summer 2016, a special slogan & image will draw the readers’ attetnion to this import area of work.

March 2015

150309_RESPECT_campaign_layer_final_en   150309_RESPECT_campaign_layer_final_fr

April 2015

150424_RESPECT_campaign_unit2_en   150424_RESPECT_campaign_unit2_fr

May 2015

150309_RESPECT_campaign_unit3_en   150309_RESPECT_campaign_unit3_fr

June 2015

150624_RESPECT_campaign_unit4_june_en   150624_RESPECT_campaign_unit4_june_fr

July 2015

150715_RESPECT_campaign_unit5_july_en   150715_RESPECT_campaign_unit5_july_fr

Diversity & Inclusion Priority Group

Volunteer Members:
Kasper Pedersen – Coordinator (Denmark)
Claire McAroe (Ireland)
Filip de Bock (Belgium)
Joana Teixeira (Portugal)
Emilie van den Broeck (Belgium)

Supported by:
European Scout Committee – Christos Hatzidiamandis and Chip Veerle Haverhals
European Scout Office – Rose-Marie Henny and Marguerite Potard

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