External Relations and Funding

External Relations and Funding comes as a need to enhance communications and foster relationships/partnerships internally within the organisation as well as externally with other organisations, platforms and institutions. Contributing to advocacy actions and identifying external funding opportunities. This core service will strengthen the work done in the field of the two strategic priorities of the European Scout Plan.

We have prepared a practical document that tells you more about members and especially what each is responsible for in the Core Group, in accordance with the European Regional Scout Plan. We hope that this will make it easier for NSOs and members of other Working Groups of WOSM to understand what External Relations and Funding Core Group do and ask the most relevant people for support if need be.

Click here to Download the PDF with External Relations and Funding Core Group presentations

External Relations & Funding Core Group

Juan Reig Serrano – Coordinator (Spain)
Johan Ekman – Coordinator External Representative (Finland)
Jérémy Apert (France)
Massimo De Luca (Italy)
Lars Kramm (Germany)
Maria-Louise Lövgren (Sweden)
Ville Majamaa (Finland)

Supported by

European Scout Committee – Christos Hatzidiamandis and Chip Haverhals
European Scout Office – Letizia Gambini and Marguerite Potard.

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