While Scouting reached Lithuania as early as 1909, it was not before another ten years that the first proper Scout Association was founded in the country in 1918.

No wonder therefore that all members of Lietuvos skautija, today’s National Scout Organisation in the country, are getting excited.

A number of activities have been planned to mark the centenary year of Lithuanian Scouting, including a three-year long Patrol challenge, a Tour around Lithuania and many other events, such as this one: “One hundreds words for one hundred years”!

Celebrating the 21st birthday in 2016

Celebrating the 21st birthday in 2016

A few days ago, all 2500 Scouts registered as members of Lietuvos skautija in 2017 received their association’s Season’s Greetings and part of the message was a Centenary Crossword!

One hundred questions need to be answered to fill the grid. But not just random questions! All are related to the history of Scouting in Lithuania and around the world. Not so easy. Even if you use the Internet and its vast resources. Or do you know where and when the first ever World Scout Jamboree took place and under which name it is commonly remembered?

“The idea of this crossword project is to encourage Scouts to be more interested in the history of our Movement”, explains Ieva Leiputė, Chief Executive of Lietuvos skautija. “And we want them to become a little more familiar with structure of Lietuvos skautija and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).“

Questions therefore also relate to the story of the World Scout Emblem, World Scout Jamborees and other aspects of the international dimension of the Scout Movement, which itself celebrates its 110th year in 2017!

Five Scouts from each of the five age sections from Lietuvos skautija submitting a full grid with the one hundred correct answers will receive prizes!

The Centenary Crossword

The Centenary Crossword

And if you are NOT from Lithuania and NOT fluent in Lithuanian but still manage to correctly solve the Centenary Crossword (embedded link to crossword); (all questions are in Lithuanian and need to be replied to in that language), you may be one of the lucky five foreign winners!

Dabar pasiruoškite, pagaląsti savo pieštukus ir užpildyti kryžiažodį! (*)

Check the website of Lietuvos skautija for further information about Lithuanian Scouting!
Contribution to text and images: Ieva Leiputė,
Lietuvos skautija 2016

(*) Now get ready, sharpen your pencils and fill out the Centenary Crossword!


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