2016-06-09 09.18.52On the 9th and 10th of June 2016, in Bucharest, the National Organisation of Romanian Scouts (NORS) went through one of the most intense and useful processes of evaluation available for a scout association. The Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT) proposed a set of comprehensive questions that analysed various criteria of compliance in areas like: Communication, Adults in Scouting, Youth Programme, Continuous Improvement, through a quality focused approach, supported by relevant documentation.

The commitment to undertake the GSAT evaluation in the context of defining the NORS new Strategy for 2016-2023 assures the best impact and an immediate integration of the recommendations received in the construction of the NSO’s action plans for the following years. At the same time, the preparation for the meeting has helped in centralising all available resources and materials on specific areas of the NORS throughout the years, thus building a better overview picture of where we stand.

Since the NSO must be able to provide all answers within the determined audit timeframe, the participants were highly enthusiastic and eager in trying to give the best and most comprehensive answers in a short amount of time – or better – immediately. So, we developed the “1 second” answer rule. No matter what the additional document requirement was, we proved that in 1 second we can find and show it, searching throughout the huge amount of information available on different databases and websites.

The Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT) came as an acknowledgement of the work undertaken by the national teams in the last years for the professionalisation of the organisation and is, undoubtedly, an invaluable asset for further development.

“The GSAT assessment is the best way to see the status of your organisation. It becomes more and more relaxing as the process goes and you find out that the results are good :) It offers you confidence that your work over the years has tangible results with real impact”, says Mihaela Ciobanu, International Commissioner, NSO responsible for the GSAT Assessment.

Written by: Nadia Savva, Administrative Assistant at National Organisation of Romanian Scouts


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