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(WSBERO/Luxembourg) – Based on the Global Support Assessment Tool (GSAT), the European Scout Region is supporting National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and Associations (NSAs) in developing sustainable management structures. To be even more effective in these efforts, the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is currently training regional volunteers to become assessors for GSAT.

The first training for WOSM Global Support (GS) Assessors started today at the headquarters of the Fédération nationale des éclaireurs et éclaireuses du Luxembourg (FNEL) in Luxembourg. In the next four days, 10 future assessors, both volunteers and WOSM staff, are going to be trained on different topics in order to be able to plan, prepare and carry out an assessment, as well as writing an assessment report.

Great training venue, experienced and skillful  trainers and a group of highly motivated trainees – all these are already set preconditions that are promising a great training experience and successful WOSM GS Audits of NSOs in the future.

So, be prepared to use GSAT as a powerful tool to further develop your association. All European NSOs and NSAs are eligible to undergo an assessment with the European Scout Region. And they will also be extensively supported with the implementation of concrete and very practical measures. More information is available on scout.org/gsat and through europe@scout.org. And maybe we see you at our organisational development sessions at the Academy 2015  in Porto.

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Jordan Bajraktarov
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