(WSBERO/Genève) – In times of both prosperity and posterity, Scouts around the world have shown their will to help and reach out to those in need of help, comfort, assistance and support within their local communities.

In the European Scout Region, we are in these days witnessing many people fleeing to our countries from war and insecurity, in need of help and support. And once again, as in many previous occasions when other individuals and groups of our communities were in need of help, Scouts act as active citizens.

#ScoutRESPECT - A Scout Scarf is committeed to helping other people

#ScoutRESPECT – A Scout Scarf is committeed to helping other people

This #ActiveCitizenship is outlined in our Movement’s World Scout Youth Programme Policy:

Scouting’s educational process leads to the development of active citizens, who take positive action in their communities; to an active citizen who strives to build a better society with tools, which are democratic and non-violent, respectful of the opinions and differences of others. An active citizen is a committed and responsible individual, endowed with critical thought, who does not passively accept reality as defined by others or institutions as they have developed over time and current laws, but one who strives to critically examine and potentially challenge the status quo using the principles of democracy whilst taking account of the diverse range of opinions which exist in any society.

On behalf of the European Scout Region’s Diversity & Inclusion Priority Project Group, its co-chairperson Kasper Pedersen urges fellow Scouts to remember their Scout Promise and what their educational process has lead them to be: active citizens: “When we see people in need of help or support, no matter whoever they may be, we should live up to our Scout Promise and take positive actions to build a better society – and creating a better world!


Rupert Schildböck
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Rupert Schildböck

Rupert comes from Austria and is the Executive Assistant to the Regional Director. His responsibilities include internal and external communications and administrative assistance in Regional events.

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