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Different NSOs and NSAs have different needs and strengths, and this fact is the basis for the approach of Global Support (GS) in the European Scout Region. Support provided in a standardised way does not provide the assistance needed and will only stimulate certain change processes, not always optimised to the need of the receiver of the support.

Instead, Global Support is targeted and matched against the specific needs of every National Scout Organisation and every National Scout Association at the given time. Global support is provided by qualified consultants, purely for your benefit in your work to provide quality Scouting for the youth of today.

Identification of Needs and Coordination

In order to request support, you as a NSO or NSA can enter in a dialogue with your committee contact person.

When the need of support has been identified the NSO or NSA will be contacted by the Organisational Development Core Group (ODCG) that is responsible for the coordination of Global Support, and you will be guided through the process as well as being asked further questions on the nature of your need of support, all to maximise the benefits for you.

The Support, Costs and Follow-up

Global support can be used to address both specific needs and long-term needs. The scope of support is adapted to the situation at hand and can therefore both include particular one-time support actions as well as work in accordance with a long-term plan.

Global support is a wide concept and can involve many different ways of support including:

  • Counselling via skype and e-mail.
  • The providing of useful material on the area.
  • One or several visits by an expert on the matter, sometimes combined with a visit by the Committee Contact.
  • Participation at relevant events and/or seminars.

The needs of the receiver, and the long-term development of quality Scouting, are always at the centre of the support provided. There are multiple actors (such as expert volunteer consultants, regional staff and other NSOs/NSAs) that can provide the support, and this is adapted to the needs at hand.

There are generally none or low costs associated with the support and the European Scout Region does not charge any fee for the provided work. A big part of potential costs (especially travel) is covered by the European Scout Region. After the Global Support is delivered the responsible consultant will provide a report of the results and any further recommendations. This report will be shared with the NSO/NSA and the responsible regional volunteers.

What’s in it for us?

The mission of the Regional Scout Plan is “Developing Scouting. Supporting Growth.” and Global Support is one integral part in fulfilling that mission. It offers NSOs and NSAs high quality support that enables the development of quality scouting at almost no cost. An outside view is often crucial to strong and successful development, and Global support truly is here for your benefit.

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Jordan Bajraktarov
About The Author

Jordan Bajraktarov

Jordan is a Director of Organisational Development at the World Scout Bureau - Europe Support Centre, Geneva

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