As second activity supported by the Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation for the implementation of European Scout Region’s Work plan on Diversity & Inclusion we will be organising The Scouting for All –Training on “How to involve young people from excluded groups?”. The training will be held in Kapraluv Mlyn, near Brno, Czech Republic, 28 May – 31 May 2014.

The European Scout Region (ESR) applied successfully to the Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation for the implementation of its Work plan on Diversity & Inclusion. The support of the EYF provides the financial capacity to the ESR to strengthen and consolidate its mission and vision through an effective and efficient implementation of the Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Objective within as many as possible NSOs and local groups. The project allows a better reach out to NSOs at national, regional and local level and more important, the financial support will permit to effectively empower young people from excluded groups.

If you are working on Diversity and Inclusion issues in your organisation, and you are looking in to how to better reach out, especially towards the most excluded groups of young people, understand, target and respond to the needs of the most excluded groups of young people and you think of coordinate with other actors and partners active in this field then this Training is a great opportunity for you.


Up to 36 participants from 18 NSOs (2 participants by sending NSOs) will be supported under the Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation. Some 15 additional participants can be accepted providing the sending NSO is paying the full amount of the training (first in – first served will be applied).

Applications will be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. Priority will be given to NSOs and young people having experience in the relevant fields and willing to review and open the non-formal educational programmes to young people from minorities. Particular attention will be given to the diversity of the group of participants.

More details about the training you can find in the enclosed documents (available only in English):

Deadline for applying is 30 APRIL 2014.



Mihajlo Atanackovic
About The Author

Mihajlo Atanackovic

Mihajlo comes from Serbia and is a Digital Engagement Officer at European Scout Office.

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