A Statement of the European Scout Region on Peace and Reconciliation

Creating a better world – Scouts around the world are inspired by these words. Our Movement is a global movement with a very clear vision and mission. As active citizens we do not only experience our passion inside our Movement, but strive to be active in our approach to our world, our societies, with those whom we want to share our message.

Even in hard times, moments of crisis or conflict, we want to underline what binds us together through our world organisation of Scouts: our shared values from which we would like to highlight one specific value: Peace.

Every Member, every Scout, can be an example of peace. As a global movement we can support our brothers and sisters that are in need. A sense of belonging, fraternal feelings, are an essential human need on which we can build solid and lasting peace.

Leave this world a little better than you found it!

Leave this world a little better than you found it!

Even if our nations experience difficulties, we should not forget our Scout values, not seeing the others as enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters facing challenges.

In line with Resolution 14 from the 21st European Scout Conference, we express our concern over the detrimental effects to the lives of young people as a result of any sort of ongoing conflicts.

As an educational and peace movement, we directly ask all our Members not to forget about our common values. Therefore we ask everyone to strive for peaceful dialogue, to get in contact in a positive way and to reach out towards each other in times of crisis, war and catastrophes, to all who are currently experiencing challenging circumstances that impact their lives.

While we are leading by example and doing our good deed when natural catastrophes happen, or humanitarian actions are needed, we ask our National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations to use their Scout values and especially our common value of Peace whenever any of us experience challenges such as we see around the world.

European Scout Committee, 19.03.2014


Rupert Schildböck
About The Author

Rupert Schildböck

Rupert comes from Austria and is the Executive Assistant to the Regional Director. His responsibilities include internal and external communications and administrative assistance in Regional events.

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