Route Nazionale Agesci 2014 -

Route Nazionale Agesci 2014 –

(AGESCI / Italy) Want to join over 34,000 Italian Rovers and Rangers at their National event: Paths of Courage? Read no further… you have the opportunity to take part to the biggest Scout event of summer 2014.

From  1st to 10th August 2014, 34.000 Italian Rangers and Rovers will gather in Parco San Rossore (near the city of the Leaning Tower in beautiful Tuscany, Pisa). During 10 days, you can join them and experience an amazing adventure focused on participation, commitment, leadership and active citizenship. The event is AGESCI “Route Nazionale”, and will focus on COURAGE. It is time for young people to take up the challenge and become agents for change, to build their future, and to envision new ways of being active, committed and responsible women and men.

Some 500 foreign participants will be welcome from European and Arabic and Associations.

Paths of Courage, Rights for the Future is the motto of the event. You will be working on experiences of Courage, defined as “acts of courage”, where you will have the opportunity to practice leadership, develop your ability to take the lead and commit yourself to build a better future.

Through a process of democratic participation, that will end up in San Rossore, you will help writing down a Charter of Courage proclaiming the future you want to shape.



The event is open to all young people aged 18 to 21 when the camp starts on August 1, 2014 (born between August 2, 1992 and August 1, 1996). Foreign participants will form international Communities together with Italian groups; each one of them will be made up of about 50 people.

Foreign participants will have an Italian contact leader who will coordinate and support them before and during the camp. He/she will also supervise the different organizational and training steps. Website and social networks will facilitate exchange and sharing.

_Preparatory Stage

Foreign participants will be asked to prepare at home their personal contribution to the event choosing to present their own “act of Courage”: stories of challenges, experiences of commitment and active citizenship linked to their scouting life. The work carried out at home will be shared during the camp.

_August 1ST, 2014: MOBILE CAMPS  (ROUTES)

Participants are expected to arrive in Italy by August 1th, 2014. Departure places of the “routes” will be different (participants will be informed about their specific “route” program). Participants will hike together on Italian mountains with backpacks and tents;  and will experience times for sharing, meeting, and exchanging.


At the end of the “routes”, participants will reach the resident camp venue in  San Rossore by public transport. Workshops, meetings, activities, exchange and experiences will characterise this part of the camp.

We encourage  Rovers and Rangers to organise and share workshops. If you are interested in carrying out a special activity or in presenting a workshop you can thick the appropriate box in the pre-registration form.


150 euros is the fee for the resident camp. The fee does not cover travel costs, nor the costs for the mobile camp that will be established by each international Community according to the location of their “route”. A solidarity fund was created to support participation of Scouts from less privileged countries. Associations can submit their requests to

_Useful Links

_You will find a pre registration form to be filled in and returned by November 15th,, 2013 to or by fax to: +39 06 68166236.

Please note that, considering the limited number of foreign participants, special attention will be given to having representatives of as many Associations as possible (in terms of countries and gender-balance). Further information will be sent to pre-registered Associations.


Letizia Gambini
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Letizia Gambini

Letizia comes from Italy and she was Director of External Relations and Funding in the Brussels office of the European Scout Region. She was following the Region's work on external representation, advocacy and fundraising.

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